Monday, February 29, 2016

Growing Biotech Entrepreneurship hosts Leadership and Pitching workshop

Growing Biotech Entrepreneurship hosts Leadership and Pitching workshop 

On Friday February 26th, the Masters of Medical Biotechnology Program and EPICentre collaboratively hosted the Growing BE (Biotechnology Entrepreneurship) workshop at the Katzmann Lounge in Vanier Hall. The workshop saw over 70 students and community members who came out to learn leadership skills and how to pitch themselves in order to achieve their career goals. 

The Lead to Succeed workshop was led by Dr. Anne Snowdon, a professor at the Odette School of Business and chair of the International Centre for Health Innovation, who spoke about technological changes in society today and emphasized the importance of leadership, innovation and adaptation in the ever-changing workplace. Dr. Snowdon touched on developments in the health care system and provided the audience with a framework to get them thinking about what value they could bring to an organization, whether it be an existing company or their own.

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For more information on the Master's in Medical Biotechnology program for international students, please contract Tranum Kaur at tranum@uwindsor.ca.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

MMB Event: Lead to Succeed: Leadership and Pitching

The Master of Medical Biotechnology (MMB) Program, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, with support of EPICentre, is organizing a one day Lead to Succeed: Leadership and Pitching” (Growing BE) event on Feb 26, 2016 (Friday) on campus at the University of Windsor.

It gives us an immense pleasure in extending a warm invitation to you for your active participation at this event. The event will be held in Katzmaan Lounge,Vanier Hall on campus from 9:30 to 4 PM. Enclosed is the invitation and flyer of the event for more details.

A special feature of this event will be 1 min pitch presentation by every student participating in this event on ANY ONE of the following pitch themes in the afternoon “Pitching” Workshop:

a) Pitch for oral presentations
b) Pitch for a job interview
c) An idea for a start-up company (pitching for investors)

There will be a pitch competition at the very end with great award prizes (Pitching competition guidelines are enclosed).

We will be highly grateful if you may help us in promoting this event at the University of Windsor, and having the word spread among all graduates. The event is free and open to all science graduate students, if possible. Interested student will however have to register online at: http://www.epicentreuwindsor.ca/events.

Thanking You for all your support!

For more information, contact Tranum Kaur at tranum@uwindsor.ca