Monday, June 8, 2015

Advanced NMR Workshop June 10 and 11

Announcement Advanced NMR Workshop: June 10 and 11

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With the fume hoods down do you have nothing fun to do this week, how about some NMR:

Advanced NMR Workshop

Wednesday June 10 and Thursday June 11, 9am to noon each day

This advanced workshop is available to undergraduate students and/or graduate students/postdocs who have already taken the Introductory NMR Workshop or who have completed the third year Spectroscopic Structure Identification course (59-330/332) and who have demonstrated sufficient competence to the NMR Facility Manager. No experience in solid state NMR is required.

The workshop will briefly cover the physical theory behind the advanced NMR experiments but the focus will be on demonstrating the uses of these experiments and practical aspects of experimental set up .

The schedule will consist of a mixture of lectures and of hands-on sessions on the NMR spectrometers where participants will get the opportunity to set up experiments and collect data.

 The topics covered include:

  • DOSY
  • COSY 
  • Differences between solution and solid state NMR
  • Solid State NMR sample preparation
  • Magic-angle spinning – MAS (tuning the angle with KBr)
  • Cross-polarization (CP) MAS
  • Basic 1H and 13C SSNMR experiments 
Pulse field gradients
  • Shaped Pulses
  • Selective 1D NOESY

Enrolment is free but numbers are limited.

Registration can be done using the link below or at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-NMR Facility webpage

Friday, June 5, 2015

43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium - POMS2015

43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium - POMS2015
The University of Windsor is delighted to hold the 43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium (POMs), which runs from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2015.

POMs is one of the premier regional physical organic chemistry meetings in North America and emphasizes the active participation of graduate students and postdocs. It is hold annually in either Ontario or Quebec but draws participants from all neighbouring provinces and states and beyond. We encourage the participation of all researchers who apply physical organic chemistry principles in all aspects of chemical sciences, including biological and materials chemistry.

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